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About us

Our family history of Organ Building goes back 4 generations to 1888; Peter Wood & Son commenced in 1981. Current principal Mark Wood has been Organ Building since 1976 serving apprenticeship in Leeds at the Hanover Organ works of Wood Wordsworth & Co. Ltd, including one year with the Wells Kennedy Partnership in Lisbon, Northern Ireland.

Mark’s father, Peter Wood (retired), was MD of Wood Wordsworth & Co. Ltd, and his father John William started that same company in 1922, having been previously in aircraft design at AVRO in London where he gained his outstanding carpentry and mechanical skills.

Previously John Edward Wood, born 1857 died 1935, was the first family Organ Builder. Starting as an apprentice at the famous furniture firm of Chippendales in Otley, he took a great interest in organs and, as a result, joined the firm of Wordsworth & Co around the time it changed from Wordsworth & Maskell in 1888.

Some of the organs our ancestors built are still currently in our care, and to this day are still giving excellent service.

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